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OAK Oakland International Airport

Oakland Airport OAK Airport Car Service

At Oakland International Airport, we offer two ways to pick up passengers:

  1. Custom / Baggage Claim meet: Our chauffeur will meet you at the custom's exit if you are coming internationally, or meet you at the airline Baggage Claim Area if you are coming domestically. In both cases our chauffeur will escort you to your vehicle. This additional service will cost $ 10.00 + parking for Baggage meet and $ 15.00 + parking for custom meet. Advanced reservation is required.
  2. White Courtesy Phone: The passenger will call us from any white courtesy telephone (available at both arrivals and departures levels) by dialing our extension which is 6-1713 or calling us directly on our toll free line at 1-800-851-5687 or at 1-650-228-1970. In both cases our vehicle will pick you up within 5 minutes (our vehicles are staged at San Francisco's Airport parking and will have a sign with the passenger's name on the dashboard).

WE CAN USUALLY STILL SERVE YOU WITH NO RESERVATION: in case you show up without a reservation, please still call us. Most of the time we can still accommodate you.

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